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Rev. Heath Bleyenberg graduated from the Protestant Reformed Theological School in June of 2008.  He received a call from Providence Protestant Reformed Church of Jenison, Michigan.  On September 21, 2008 he accepted the call to serve as their first pastor.

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Title Scripture Date Series Hits
Thou Hast The Words of Eternal Life John 6:67-69 2017-07-30 Individual Sermons 125
Daily Performing Our Vows Psalm 61:8 2017-07-30 Individual Sermons 117
The Proper Observance of the Sabbath Heb. 4 2011-08-08 Individual Sermons 1697
Burn Your Books Acts 19:18-20 2011-08-07 Individual Sermons 1489
Job's Confession of Jehovah Job 1:20-22 2011-08-07 Individual Sermons 1269
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