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Rev. Angus Stewart graduated from the Protestant Reformed Seminary in Grandville, MI in June of 2001. He was installed as pastor of the Covenant Protestant Reformed Church of Ballymena, Northern Ireland later that same year. He currently labours there in preaching the Word each Sabbath Day and very many other activities for the edification of the church and the spread of the true Gospel of the biblical and Reformed faith.

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Title Scripture Date Series Hits
The Intercession of the Spirit Romans 8:26-27 2012-04-08 Individual Sermons 1671
The Captain of the Host of the Lord Joshua 5:13-15 2012-04-08 Individual Sermons 1486
Numbering Our Days Psalm 90:12 2011-12-25 Individual Sermons 1626
Saved as by Fire I Corinthians 3:10-15 2011-12-25 Individual Sermons 1551
Moses' Face Shining Exod. 34:29-35 2011-09-25 Individual Sermons 3547
Baptised into Christ Rom. 6:3-4 2011-09-25 Individual Sermons 3202
Marital Treachery Mal. 2:11-14 2011-06-26 Individual Sermons 1935
Children as Arrows Psalm 127:5-6 2011-05-08 Individual Sermons 3651
The Signs of an Apostle II Cor. 12:12 2011-05-08 Individual Sermons 3122
Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem Psalm 122:6 2011-04-03 Individual Sermons 3612
How to Handle Our Various Trials James 1:2-4 2011-04-03 Individual Sermons 5024
In the Spirit on the Lord's Day Rev. 1:10 2011-03-13 Individual Sermons 3484
Love Keeps No Record of Evil I Cor. 13:5d 2011-03-13 Individual Sermons 3343
Chastening Our Children Heb. 12:5-11 2010-12-26 Individual Sermons 3778
Hating Your Own Life Luke 14:26 2010-12-26 Individual Sermons 3296
The Work of Antioch's Missionaries (I) Acts 13-14 2010-10-10 Jerusalem and Antioch 3712
The Work of Antioch's Missionaries (II) Acts 13-14 2010-10-10 Jerusalem and Antioch 2988